I come to airport “Kaunas” / “Vilnius”. How to go from the airport “Kaunas” / “Vilnius” to Daugavpils?
You can order a private or group transfer.

What difference is between a private transfer and group?
There are some distinctions between private and group transfers. At a group transfer we unite passengers from different flights therefore in certain cases you should wait at the airport of other passengers from other flights. In case of a delay of your flight more than an hour, we don’t guarantee that we will wait for you at the airport. We can cancel a group trip if the group didn’t gather for your time. We will report about it in due time (at least 2 days before a trip). In case of cancellation of a group transfer we will try to find the most convenient option for you to reach to or from the airport.
If you choose a private transfer, we won’t place in your company of foreign passengers. You shouldn’t expect at the airport, we will meet you on arrival of your plane or we will deliver you in 2 hours before a departure. In case of a delay of your flight we will wait for you at the airport even if your flight will detain at some hours.

What is a deadline of the transfer order?
We recommend to you to make the order in advance that we could as it is possible to organize your transfer more qualitatively. We advise to reserve the trip with us a minimum in 3 – 4 days before planned trip. The private transfer can be ordered for 1 – 2 day before departure.

How to make the transfer order to and from the airport?
You can order a transfer online, by phone, Skype (our login: bingo_ds) or by e-mail. We ask you to report in detail such details, as time, date, the arrival or departure airport, from where is your flight. And also information of passengers quantity, quantity of luggage places and your phone number is necessary for us for communication.

Is itpossible to order a transfer to the airport „Riga” if we live in Livani (Jekabpils)?
Yes, it is possible. The paument, time and place, from where we will be able to take away you will be coordinated in 2 days before a trip. Also is possible to order a transfer from airport „Riga” to Ekabpils or Livani.

Is booking cancellation possible?
You can cancel the order, having called us by phone or having sent the message to number +371 20 30 20 37.

My time of an arrival / departure changed what I need to do?
Please, send us the message by phone. Huge request, make it so quickly, how much it is possible.

Where I will meet the driver at the airport?
We will coordinate with you time and the meeting place 2 days before a trip.

What to do if I can’t find my driver in the airport?
If you can’t find the driver, call us by phone +371 20 30 20 37. If your phone doesn’t work, you can address to the employee of the airport, and they will help to contact us.

The child must be also included at the transfer order?
The child (even baby) has to be always included in total quantity of passengers.

You provide children’s seats?
Children’s seats are available by preliminary inquiry.

There will be other passengers in the car during a transfer?
We offer private and group transfers for our passengers. For private transfers you and your group – the only passengers in the car. If you chose a group transfer, in the car there will be also other passengers.

By what car we will go?
The car is provided depending on quantity of passengers. It can be the car, minivens or the minibus. The cost of a trip doesn’t depend on a class or mark of the car. You shouldn’t pay extra in addition anything if you go one in the minibus.

How much costs a transfer from Daugavpils to the airport „Kaunas” (“Vilnius”)?
Transfer cost as a part of group varies from quantity of passengers whom we can unite together. The more passengers it is written down, the trip will be cheaper. We will coordinate transfer cost with you 2 days before departure, and this cost will be final, without any additional surcharges.

How I can pay the trip?
You can pay a trip to the driver by cash.

Is it necessary to pay for baggage?
We don’t raise a payment for standard baggage which consists of one suitcase and hand luggage. But, please, let us know during a trip reservation quantity and the baggage size.

Where you stop in Daugavpils?
In the afternoon a final stop – bus station. You can agree with the driver and for an additional fee the driver delivers you to your house. In the evening, if you live in the city, we will deliver you to the house.
According to the preliminary arrangement with us, we can deliver you to Silene, Malinovku, Kraslava and other next cities in evening and in the afternoon.

From where the car goes to the airport and where to find your stop in Daugavpils?
We take away passengers who live in the city, directly from the house. If you don’t live in Daugavpils, we will coordinate a place and time of a meeting with you 2 days before a trip.

How long is the trip?
The trip is from 3 to 4 hours, depending on your airport and weather conditions.

Is it possible to rent the car with the driver for a private or business trip?
For our clients we can provide transport with the driver for private and business trips across Baltic States and EU on various actions (seminars, conferences and presentations, exhibitions of animals, concerts and so on). Please, contact us, and we will organize your trip.

If you didn’t find the answer to the question, please, contact us any of convenient for you kinds.