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Airport "Vilnius"

Airport “Vilnius"

The international airport Vilnius”is located in several kilometers from the center of the Lithuanian capital in the southern direction, carries out and serves generally flights in the European directions.
Today the airport „Vilnius” provides continuous takes off and landing to thousands of flights a year at the total number of passengers about 1,8 million people. This largest Lithuanian airport offers the passengers the developed infrastructure and high level of service.

Time during trip and stops
Time of a trip takes no more than 3 hours, but can change depending on weather conditions. Our trip is through such towns like Zarasai and Utena. During a trip is provided one sanitary stop.
Drivers of Megabus LV will provide a safe and most convenient trip from an entrance to the airport building, and also will meet you, your friends, relatives and mates at the airport „Vilnius”. Our drivers deliver you no later than in 2 hours before your departure, will help with baggage and, in case of need, will provide children's car seats. We will coordinate in advance time and a departure place with each client. We will in due time give you necessary information and we will help to find the optimum solution of the possible problems which have arisen during the trip.
We offer daily morning, day and evening trips to and from the airport „Vilnius”. You can use our service to meet or see off the relatives, friends or mates. We will deliver you in the airport and we will bring you back.

How to order a transfer Daugavpils - airport „Vilnius” - Daugavpils?
You can reserve a trip one of three kinds
1. You can call our operators by phone +371 20 30 20 37 (from 09:00 till 22:00) or send the SMS to this number;
2. You can contact us, using SKYPE;
3. You can fill a form of a reservation and we will contact you within 24 hours. Please, be convinced that you specified right phone and email, differently we won't be able to contact you.
Consultants of the company will answer all questions interesting you and will help to pick up the most convenient option of a trip.
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